Thursday 29 March 2018

Mr Fothergills Cairngorm Optigrow® Leeks

I was lucky enough to win two packs of seeds from a post on Facebook by Mr Fothergill's asking for those that would be willing to trial standard seeds against the same variety Cairngorm F1 Leeks of Optigrow® treated seeds and share the results.

As regular blog readers will know I'm always up for an experiment and I have a thing about onions but one allium that I have not grown are Leeks, that is all about to change!

I'm going to sow two flower buckets in exactly the same way as I did for the SoilFixer SF60 over wintering onion experiment, I may just increase the spacing between the leeks using the custom Jig I made.  

Until I entered the competition I had no idea what Optigrow® was all about until I visited the Mr Fothergill's web site


Here’s the science…

Optigrow® treatment uses just water and air. The really clever bit is knowing just how much of both to use and for how long. This patented treatment gets the seed ready to germinate (a process known as priming). The seed is then dried ‘back to sleep’. It can be stored in this state like untreated seed. Once planted the seed doesn’t need to prepare for growing because it has already done this so it germinates much quicker and with greater vigour than untreated seed.

So David Turner as soon as this cold wet and possibly snowy Easter weekend is over and I have cut down a couple of plastic flower buckets I will be off and I will keep my blog readers and you updated on the two types of seeds development on a regular basis. The proof as always is in the eating, well in this case the growing first.

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