Friday 16 March 2018

AGRALAN Compact Plug Plant Trainer

I just had to get one of these to try out now it's sowing time. This innovative product from Agralan, designed in Sweden, allows you to grow professional ‘plug plants’ from seeds and cuttings on your windowsill or greenhouse.


 - Transparent multi-function top. Use with or without ventilation by turning the top 90˚ to give the perfect microclimate.

 - Space for 49 plants in a compact format. The compact plug plant trainer fits perfectly on a windowsill.

 - Stackable; secure when transporting.

 - Unique pop-up system makes it easy to remove plants automatically, with no root damage.

 - Easy watering – fill the bottom tray with water and capillary action keeps the compost moist.

 - Easy to clean, can even be washed and sterilised in the dishwasher. (Provided it is placed flat to avoid distortion due to the high temperature.)

 - Robustly manufactured and may be re-used many times over.

 - Height 14cm Base 22.5 x 20 cm.

 - 12 year warranty

I will let you know how well they work, if they pan out I can see me buying a few more to use in the grow stations where space is at a premium. Agralan Web Site 

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