Saturday 24 March 2018

SoilFixer SF60 Spring Onion Update

The last time we looked at the SoilFixer SF60 Spring Onion experiment on the blog was 8th Jan with a View from the Greenhouse Door when the experiment was at a stage where the onions appeared to be holding there own, and appeared very evenly matched.

I still have not managed to clear the green house or erect the new one on the allotment, but I'm going to need room sooner than later in the Space Saver Greenhouse, and this experiment will need to go to the allotment greenhouse or shed cold frame, if I have managed to get the shed moved over. 

The weather has improved a little, and the temperatures have gone up enough for me to walk outside in just a tee shirt, so I decided to give the onions a little time out in the sun and wind and harden them off a little.  

Looking at the Eiffel Spring Onions the Bucket with the SoilFixer SF60 added is the one on the left and as can be seen the foliage looks to be larger and in a much better condition than the bucket on the right.

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