Plans for Mill Green Plot 1

The photo below is as I started to clear Plot 1 on taking it over 


Spring     22nd March - 21st June - Planting, Growing and Harvesting  
Summer  21st June - 22nd Sept - Harvesting
Autumn   22nd Sept - 21 December - Harvesting & Infrastructure works
Winter     21st December - 20th March - Infrastructure works


There was a huge spoil heap of weeds in the internal corner formed by the boundary wall, which I managed to spread out in area 1

I strim all the vegetation down as short as possible and covered the whole of the plot and then cover with weed membrane, and I held it down with a mixture of plastic pegs, paving slabs, lumps of timber and other dross found on the plot. 

Area 1 The shed from Spencer Road was taken apart and transported to Mill Green it was painted and erected tighter to the corner and the front of the shed was lined up with the the front of the wall. A side and rear extension to the shed have been constructed. The side extension also serves as an onion drying rack 

Area 2 was supposed to be next as I was hoping to have 4 - 6 beds ready in the first year, I emptied and transported as many Daleks over from Spencer Road as I could and I picked up a couple of new Daleks from Freecycle.

Area 3 was planned to be cleared as I intend to grow fruit trees along the wall and it will link up with the main path on plot 1A and give me access to the new Shed and Greenhouse on Plot 1. I did not manage to get all the hawthorne trees cut down and removed in spring/ summer 2019 and I'm looking to do this over winter 2019 and spring 2020   

Timber for Raised Bed 

I managed to get a whole lot of timber roof joists from the building behind the boundary wall and I took some time to gather, cut, treat with preservative and due to an accident with a few 2.4m length of 225mm x 50mm timber falling off jerry rigged bread tray saw horses, I ended up with cellulitis in hospital and unable to work the plot for a few months during late spring and summer. 

The greenhouse frame is erected, and the base timber frame is cut treated and ready for the area to be leveled and the timber frame constructed and the greenhouse clad with it's rigid pvc panels, this has to happen before the end of April 2020. 

The 2.4m x 1.2m bays are laid out on the weed membrane and the weed membrane has been down a year so its all systems go for pulling back digging over and setting up the beds and the paths over this winter. 

3 beds were used for potatoes in buckets on plot 1 in 2019 and the storage of the trees and Dalek's that are now full of acidic compost from the apple trees at home. 

 View from the bottom of Plot 1 looking towards Plot 1A

Bind weed has taken over the bottom right corner of plot 1 and needs removing. Kerb stome are in on the path between plots 1 & 2 and the kerb stones along the bottom of the plot on the main path need to go in over winter and the weeds removed. 

Woodchip has been delivered and dumped on the bottom of my plot ready for sorting out the greenhouse area and getting in as many paths as possible over the winter months.  

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