Plans for Mill Green Plot 1

This page is dedicated to Mill Green Plot 1. It holds my thoughts and plans for 2018 and it will be under development from now October 2017 over the winter months and will no doubt be modified on a continuous basis. I've only just taken this plot on and it has been untouched since the previous owner made a single visit in early 2017 and was not seen again for the rest of the year

The plan above is an approximation of the layout as I have not been able to measure the walls or the boundaries as there is a mass of hawthorne and brambles along the walls. Once cleared I will update the drawing and bed layout.

Clearance has commenced


Spring     22nd March - 21st June - Planting, Growing and Harvesting  
Summer  21st June - 22nd Sept - Harvesting
Autumn   22nd Sept - 21 December - Infrastructure works
Winter     21st December - 20th March - Infrastructure works


Having cleared the vegetation for most of the plot, the next area to concentrate on is the Hawthorn and Brambles along the wall, There was a huge spoil heap of weeds in the internal corner formed by the boundary wall, which I have a vague recollection of the last tenant spreading as compost over the plot two years ago so it may not be as bad as I'm anticipating but until I clear that area and get into it I will not know.

Strim all the vegetation down as short as possible and then hire a tri flame roofing burner and burn the whole of the plot and then cover with weed membrane, and hold it down with a mixture of plastic pegs, paving slabs, lumps of timber and other dross currently piled along the boundary of Plots 1 & 1A

Next Area 1 which is the internal corner where the shed and greenhouse is going, the objective is to get this done and the shed and greenhouse transported over from Spencer Road to their new homes in March

Area 2 will be next as I'm hoping to have 4 - 6 beds ready in the first year, I may work from the South Eastern boundary as I will want to get the Daleks over from Spencer Road and into production as soon as possible. We are arranging a drop off Manure which will initially go into the South West corner of the plot in a heap and into as many Daleks on Plot 1 as I can fill.

Area 3 as I intend to grow fruit trees along the wall and it will link up with the main path on plot 1A and give me access to the new Shed and Greenhouse on Plot 1 

Areas 2 & 3 may get reversed in order, as it may be faster to deal with area 3 first.

BRUSSELS SPROUT Bed Required on Plot 1

This year I hoping for two beds of Sprouts and grow on two of five of the following varieties at five varieties a bed. 
                                              Sowing           Sowing        Harvest  
                                              Indoors         Outdoors

Nelson                                    Feb - Apr          April - Jun       Aug - Nov
Bedford                                                           Mar - April       Sep - Dec                                
Cromwell F1                       Feb - Mid Mar       Mar - April      Sep - Dec                                
Evesham Special                   Feb - Mar          Mar - April      Sep - Dec - Mr Fothergill's  Bedford Darkmar 21           Feb - Mid Mar      Mar - April    Mid-Nov to Jan

Brest F1                                 Feb - Apr          Mar - April       Nov - Feb              
Brodie  F1                              Feb - Apr          Mar - April       Nov - Jan  - T&M                  
Mongomery F1                   Feb - Mid Mar       Mar - April      Nov - Dec
Rubine Purple Sprout             Feb - Apr          Mar - April      Nov - Jan 

So Harvest period from August - February that's potentially 7 months of fresh sprouts


Last year I had planned to grow butternut squash around the base of the sweetcorn on Plot 1A, that didn't happen, I was too late sowing and they never really took off. This year as I have a new plot and we are getting some horse manure I'm thinking Waltham Butternut squash can be grown on an uncultivated area in the South West corner of plot 1 off a pile of manure covered in cardboard.


If I pile some horse manure covered in cardboard in a couple of locations in the South West Corner of the plot then I can grow Marrow as well as Butternut Squash

Long Green Striped   - To be used by Dec 2018 Sow April - May Harvest July Onwards

Long Green Trailing Exhibition Marrow - from Jungle seeds no use by date on the pack or sowing and harvesting information other than sow in peaty sterile seed compost 7mm deep at 25-30C Germination  2 - 3 weeks. Once germinated these grow rapidly and will need good light. Plant out after all frost have passed in a rich manured compost.   


The first two beds that are created on Plot 1 will be earmarked for potatoes. In addition I intend to grow more first early spuds in buckets as the buckets will help keep the weed membrane down and wind resistant.

Layout Modification

A revamp of the layout of plot 1 during December 2017 after the trees had arrived.

May Update

 View from the bottom of Plot 1 looking towards Plot 1A

  View from the corner of Plot 1

The Hawthorn trees along the first section of wall didn't get cleared in time to be burnt this year as we can't have fires from the end of March. The Flame burner didn't happen I just covered very quickly after trimming and clearing what I could apart from the first stretch of wall and the corner with the Rhubarb.

Too late to dig a bed and get spuds in the ground primarily due to the appalling weather we have had so far this year. I'm now fighting weeds and grass along the boundary of the plot and my focus is now towards getting the kerb edgings in to define the edge and give idverde something to trim against on the main path and me something to trim against on the path between plots 1&1A and 2.

So Areas 1 & 3 and the perimeter of the plot are now the focus and area 2 will follow after the shed and greenhouse have been moved over from Spencer Road.       

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