Monday 29 June 2020

Greenworks 48V 36cm Mower Unboxing Part 1

I'm in the middle of decorating the small bedroom at the moment and as the grass in the back garden has just been cut, plus I am still shielding the wife and have only just ventured out to the allotment after nearly four months, I will not be taking this mower down to the allotment to play with there for a couple of weeks yet. 

What I did want to do was open the box up and get at the goodies inside and photograph the unboxing to show my readers what's in the box. It also allows me time to read the manuals and literature and to get those batteries fully charged and primed so that I can play and evaluate the mower.  

New Greenworks 48V 36cm Battery Powered / Hand Pushed Lawn Mower Model No G24X2LM36x  

There was a frantic knocking at the front door and when I opened it this box was standing on its short side, not a delivery van or man in sight.

First thing that really got me, as I lifted it was the weight of this mower, it has a nett weight of 14.76kg and a Gross Weight of 19.19kg

Gross Weight is the total weight of a shipment of goods, including their packaging such as crates, pallets etc. Nett Weight is the weight, or mass, of the goods themselves without any packaging. Tare is the weight of packaging or a container without the goods.
I'm always very careful opening boxes to ensure I don't damage anything just below the surface.

So here is the first look of the contents of the in the box.

I do always worry about parcels that could be mistreated by the delivery service, and as I said this was left on the step on it's end. However there is additional impact padding in the corners and the mower sits snugly and safely in the box, and there was no signs of damage.   
 So what could be seen was mainly mower but wrapped in bubble wrap and tucked in to the gap in the front of the mower were the two batteries, the twin battery charger and instructions. to the side of the mower was the power lead for the charger.

I don't know if the power lead started life with the rest, and had moved as a result of handling or if that's the normal packing location for it. 
The two batteries were supplied independently in a blue zip lock bag which was in turn, in a bubble wrap bag  
 The 24v range from Greenworks is priced at the same level as 18v product from most other brands – so its the same price but with 33% more power….

Currently 24V 2Ah Battery retails at £49.99 each.
                24V 4Ah Battery retails at £74.99 each 
 The battery packs have a capacity and a signal indicator.

Press the button and the charge level is displayed by the three LEDs. If one LED is flashing, the battery pack is almost flat and must be recharged. 
 Looking into the box the next thing I grabbed was some paperwork. Personally I'm a read and keep the manual kind of guy, so much so that my kids bought me a "Real Dads Don't Read Instructions" tee shirt for Father Day!

There is always a Warning message about reading carefully before use in these manuals, but if you are like my Brother In Law he never reads them and would not see it, his manuals go straight in the bin.  
 The Mowers Operators Manual is nine pages long. There is a sperate A4 sheet with drawing figures 1 to 8 that has the parts of the machine numbered for identification purposes.

The list of parts can be found on Page 2 of the manual under section 1.2 "Overview".   
 The next bubble wrapped item out of the box is the 24V Twin Universal Charger.
 The 24V Twin Universal Charger has been designed specifically for the Greenworks 24v rechargeable batteries, it will give a 2Ah battery a full charge in 60 minutes or 80% in just 25 minutes.

A handy built-in LED indicator will tell you when the battery is fully charged 
 The charger is wall mountable and what I love is that the company has gone to the effort of providing and casting in the distance of 4.4 in or 112mm between the two screw slots.

No mucking about with carboard templates or having to measure yourself. I'm not sure how many people have a decimal inch rule in the UK but Greenworks sell to many different countries. 
  A standard figure 8 power lead for the charger is provided.  
 Two more manuals are to be found stuffed against the side of the cardboard box, The Battery and the Charger Operating Manual
 The Batter Operator Manual is next out of the Box and the photo (left) is of it folded. It's a Rosetta Stone type document with 24 languages that folds out to a huge sheet of paper printed on both sides.

I've extracted and copied the English version and have included it shown later in this article. 

The Charger Operator Manual came out next and again it's a Rosetts Stone document. The English version is easy to find as its the directly adjacent to the front page with the drawing of the charger when folded.

Again I have scanned the relevant English instruction and have included them below, with the other manuals.
In Greenworks Mower Unboxing Part 2 we will closer at... 
  • Unfolding and adjusting the lower handle
  • Installing the Upper Handle
  • Installing the Grass Catcher 
  • Installing and Using the Mulch Plug
  • Setting the Blade Height
  • Installing and Removing the Battery Pack
  • Safety Key
  • Operational Tips 
  • Maintenance
  • Replacing the Blade
I will also be looking at the model above and below this one and making a comparison chart, in the mean time if you are like me and love to read manuals they are all below for your information.     

Greenworks 48V 36cm Cordless Lawnmower G24X2LM36x Operating Manual 

Battery Operator Manual

Charger Operator Manual

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