Tuesday 30 June 2020

Tomatoes By Growth Habit for 2020

If I can get the second greenhouse on Plot 1 and extension to the shed and two other extensions for short bush type tomatoes in place for next year, then I really need to sort out which ones in my tomato collection they are.

In addition with all that wall it may be worth having a few varieties in hanging baskets or those upside down hanging baskets, the only trouble would be the squirrels that run back and forth along the wall would likely eat them.  

Using the back of packs, Google and The Tomato Variety List  I have sorted by Growth Habit for my current tomato collection 

Cordon/Indeterminate tomatoes - these varieties of tomato plant are the most common and are grown as cordons (single stemmed plants with side shoots removed). They will grow very tall - sometimes taller than 2.5m in very warm conditions.


Berkeley Tie-Dye 
Big Yellow Zebra 
Blaby Special 
Black Cherry Tomato 
Black Russian 
Brown Sugar 

Camp Joy 
Chiapis Wild 

Crimson Crush - Saved seed 4th year from F1 variety 
Cuban Flower 
Dark Galaxy 
Ferline F1 Hybrid
Gardeners Delight 
German Lunchbox 
German Queen 

Green Zebra 
Gold Rush Currant 
Indian Bush 
Jack Hawkins 
Kenilworth King George 
Marvel Stripes 
Money Maker
Nector Rose 
Outdoor Girl 
Peace Vine 
Pomodore Ciliegla 
Purple Russian Plum 
Rainbow Blend F1 Hybrid 
Rapunzel F1
Red Buffalo Horn 
Red Cherry 
Red Fox Cherry 

Red Zebra 
Speckled Roman 
Stupicke Poini Rane 

Summer Cider 
Sunset Red Horizon 

Sweet Aperitif
Sweet Pea Currant
Tiger Cherry Plum  
Tomatoberry Garden F1
Vesennij Mieurinsky 
Yellow Perfection 

Semi-determinate - these are similar to indeterminate varieties (grown as cordons) only they produce shorter plants.

Amish Mayberry
Black Icicle

Bush/Determinate - these varieties stop growing sooner than indeterminate varieties with the stem ending in a fruit truss. They are referred to as ‘bush’ and ‘dwarf’ types (suitable as hanging basket tomatoes) and don’t require any pruning.

Container / Pot

Balconi Red

Red Robin 
Sub Artic Plenty 
Super Roma
Tiny Tim -

Container / Hanging Basket

Cherry Cascade
Cherry Falls F1
Cherry Kisses 
One Hundreds and Thousands 
Terenzo F1 Hybrid 
Tumbling Cherry  
Tumbling Tom Red 

Out Door Bush

Red Alert
Black Sea Man
Cream Sausage 
Heinz Soup 
Indian Bush 
Latah Bush 
Mountain Princess 
Mrs Rucks 
Plum Roma 
Rio Grande 
Sandpipe/ Sandpoint 
Sweet Pea Currant 

Variety Yet To Be Determined ?

Otto's Papa 

Seed Saving

The aim this year is to save as many different varieties of Mini, Micro & Mini Dwarf varieties as possible to freshen up my stock of seeds for next year when hopefully I will have two greenhouses running on the plot. 

Other sources of information re tomatoes 

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