Saturday, 13 June 2020

Space Saver Greenhouse Update

Germination so far 4 from 6 Baked Potato Butternut Squash and just seeing the last of six of the mashed Potato Butternut Squash showing its head. Sown on the 26th May so 18 Days ago

True leaves on the Cucumbers are growing well and these will be transplanted into their final locations next week 

Only one Waltham Butternut Squash germinated out of 9 seeds I really don't know what's happening here? Sown on the 20th May 23 days ago. I may have to look to see if I have another pack of seeds and grow some more, there is still time to make the magic happen.  

Flowers on the micro Toms which are staying Micro whereas 

There are a few dwarf and mini varieties here that appear to be growing a little taller than expected. Now is that due to the envii SeaFeed Xtra I gave them early on?

It looks like I may have to do a little sorting and some of these will have to be relocated to the bottom of the Greenhouse over the weekend.

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