Friday 10 May 2019

Tomato 'Bajaja'

Tomato 'Bajaja' is a versatile variety as its size can be controlled by the size of the container in which it is planted. This makes it ideal for an early tomato crop in patio containers, and this compact bush variety won't require side shooting, making it particularly easy to grow. Height and spread: 35cm (14").

This sweet and juicy cherry tomato is so prolific that each plant can produce up to 700 small, 8-10g (½oz), juicy red fruits. With crops of that size there will be plenty of delicious tomatoes for snacking on, as well as adding to salads and other culinary dishes. 

This was a great little tomato last year so I've sown the rest of the seeds I have and I'm going to have these in the new greenhouse on the allotment if I manage to get it erected in time. I picked the seed up in the Wyvale seed sale in 2017, and looking on line T&M are out of stock of them already so it's a good thing I'm going to save the seeds from these plants this year. 

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