Saturday 11 May 2019

Mind Your Peas & Cues UK TOMATO SEED CIRCLE 2019

The 2019 Tomato Seed Circle has been set up on the Facebook Group Mind Your Peas and Cues which is a really friendly group of individuals most of which have a wicked sense of humour.  

We have restricted membership to 20 Members and each member is expected to save two varieties each (but No F1) and submit them to me during September/ October with a Large First Class stamp and envelope with return address so the seeds contributed can be sent back to them in November at a time affectionately known as "Seedmas" 

Obviously we want to make a list consist of different varieties and not have doubles. 

Currently there are ONLY 6 Spaces Left. Below is a list of the current members and once they have confirmed what they will be saving I will put links to the seed variety so that other members can have a read about what it is they will hopefully be getting in November. 

01 Alan James Wooldridge - Varieties selected from the Tomato VSP 
02 Linda Clegg - Yellow Pear and Red Balconi
03 Rancliffe Allotments - Gigantomo  <<<<< Is this a F1 Hybrid ?
04 Rose Grace Nicholls - Varieties yet to be determined
05 Sarah Bee - San Marzano possibly a couple of others
06 Jennifer Burrow - Varieties yet to be determined
07 Emma Ford - Varieties yet to be determined
08 John Nicholson - Legend and Costoluto Fiorentino
09 Nikki Castle - Garden Peach other Variety to be determined
10 Emma Ford - Tumbling Tom Yellow & Ailsa Craig
11 Tom Kestrel - Jens Tangerine Cherry and Amish Paste Plum
12 Emsy Wilcox Super Marmande other Variety to be determined
13 Paula O'Neill - Ox Heart (beefsteak tomato) & great for pasta sauce) and Black Russian.
14 Dan Rowe - Early Outdoor Sandpoint and Ararat Flame

Labels for the varieties that are so far confirmed and that will fit into the Press and Seal Grip Bags 2.25" x 2.25"  

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