Monday 27 May 2019

Grass Cutting = Compost

Bank Holiday Monday and I decided to have a good tidy up of the garden which is another thing that has suffered due to my leg injury. The grass was cut producing two huge sacks of cuttings.

The 22 Tomato flower buckets that were starting to develop weeds and some have been dug out by the foxes in the search for worms have been weeded and the paving cleaned up. 

The last of the leafs from Autumn on the paths were swept up, old containers of soil that held over wintered spring onions and other dead plants soil was decanted into three buckets with lids and taken to Allotment.

One sack of grass made it into the tumbling Dalek and the other sack wend into Dalek 2 with the spend compost in layers that were watered in. I have to say on lifting the lid I could smell the plug of comfrey from the comfrey pipe clear out on Sunday. Well that brings the compost up to the rim of the Dalek again for a week or so. 

Whilst visiting the opportunity was taken to water the spuds in buckets, who were looking a little sorry for themselves as it has been dry and sunny and the soil was drying out. Then it turned into a whole plot watering session.

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