Thursday 16 May 2019

We Have Germination!

After the injury I had and the delay it's caused me, it's been nice to finally be getting seeds sown and in the Space Saver Greenhouse now it's clear of spuds and onions in Modules. 

It's even nicer to see germination happening and seedlings growing. It's quite frustrating looking each day and not seeing signs of life, but you might say the earth moved for me in the last couple of days, as seedlings push their heads out of the potting compost and have started to unfold their heads now on a daily basis. Photo above Piccolo Di Parigi Pickling Cucumber at the front and Burpless Tasty Green Cucumber at the back sown on the 6th May. 

Baiconi Red, Micro Tom and Red Robin also sown on the 6th May 2019 .

Long Green Striped Marrow at the back and Rapunzel Tomato at the front. 

I took some of the pop bottle tops off to take the photos, unscrewed the caps with holes and replaced with caps off to provide a larger venting area on those that are showing signs of life as there was some condensation on the seedlings. The condensation was removed from the inside of all the pop bottle propagators with a micro-pore cloth.  

I may remove the propagator caps during the day if the weather and temperatures stay with us, but will replace early evening if the temperatures are falling below 10 degrees C at night.

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