Friday 10 May 2019

Hazelnut Webb's Prize Tree

After spending nine hours in the AEU Hospital waiting room with the Marshalls catalogue I found many items that took my interest and fancy and as a result today I took delivery of a Hazelnut Webb’s Prize Tree from Marshall's to add to my growing orchard that is currently in large pots awaiting the infrastructure works on plot 1 to come to a conclusion so they can placed in their final locations.

The tree was securely packaged in a sturdy box, which had three cable bands around it and was delivered by Yodel in an upright manner. Inside the box the tree was securely held in place by a triangular pack to stop it sliding down the box during any possible mishandling during delivery.

It looks to have been given a good supply of water before being boxed up and the 3 Litre pot was bagged and taken up the stem of the tree to keep the moisture in and to slow down evaporation

The Tree looks in good condition and as if it could keep going for a few more days before needing another drink, but it will go down to the allotment later tonight or tomorrow morning.

The supplied tree is 2 years old according the Marshalls web site and measured 780mm from the bottom of the pot and looks to be well established and in good health. 

The web site says 2 – 4 years from planting before fruiting with a mature height of 3 metres  or 10 feet which I will maintain at around 2.4m as I don’t want the trees on the allotment getting too tall to harvest from.

I had hoped for planting instructions inside the box but managed to find this information on the Marshalls web site and a link was included at the bottom of the order notification emails to Growing Nut Trees which is most helpful. 

I have read on the Marshall's web site it appears that for best results two or more different hazelnut cultivars should be planted near each other, so I will have to look into perhaps getting at least one more hazelnut tree perhaps the Hazelnut ‘Red Majestic.

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