Saturday, 18 May 2019

Greenhouse Finally Get Erected

The Site Rep for a nearby allotment came and did the site inspections this morning on my Allotment site. I just gave the plot numbers and some background on how long people have had the plot. This works better than me doing the inspections as I can't be blamed when other plot holders get improvement an non Cultivation notices.

My future Son-In-law Andy came and gave me a hand to clear the area where the greenhouse is going and together with the aid of the instruction manual and looking at the one I already have erected on Plot 1A as they are the same make and model we erected the framework.

Next visit the timber base needs to be cut to size and the timbers painted ready for assembly for the Greenhouse to sit on so that there is a little more weight and height in the greenhouse. 

Once the base is in it will not take long to fit the poly-carbonate sheeting panels to the framework, then I will be able to grow the small micro and mini tomatoes in there.  

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