Sunday 12 May 2019

Hazelnut Webbs Prize Tree Potted Up

Using the pot of the plant as a former when potting up into a larger pot is just something I have always done, I don't know why it just seemed logical. I do the same things as I move my tomatoes up through different pot sizes. 

I've been doing a little reading since getting my Hazelnut tree and It appears that all hazel and cobnut varieties are effectively self-sterile and that you should always plant at least two different varieties. Now I'm guessing that Marshalls other variety Red Majestic is the one I need for pollination but currently it's out of stock. 

I've found out that pollination is not necessarily 2-way, so I'm guessing I need to find out from Marshalls if the two varieties they are selling are 2 -way and if not which way round it works? 

Some hazels can also be pollinated by wild hazels which may be in the area but again I have no idea if the Marshalls trees are wild hazel friendly. 

Hazels and cobnuts are wind pollinated and the pollinator should ideally be no more than 50m away, although pollination can be effective over much longer distances if the pollinator is upwind in the direction of the prevailing wind. 

So the Hazelnut Webbs Prize is now sitting with the other trees waiting for a cross pollinator and the infrastructure of plot 1 to be completed so they can go to their final positions. 

When I find out the answers to the questions above I will update this post.

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