Wednesday 1 May 2019

More Planting Membrane

I've spent the last few nights cutting up the 2m wide roll of weed membrane into three number 2.4x1.2m Planting Membrane and 2.4x0.8m under the Path Membrane sheets. 

My good lady wife is happy for me to take over the back of the living room rather than battle the wind outside.

I have marked up two Potato Planting Membrane Sheet with 27 holes drawn around a lid from a tub of stain remover powder detergent which measures 112mm diameter in  3 rows 300mm apart along the width with holes at 240mm centres along the length on a 2.4m x 1.2m sheet to fit my standard bed size. 

I use a 75mm diameter hand auger to plant the seed potatoes which gives me some  tolerance if the hand auger wonders a little when drilling the bores.

105 planting holes drawn around a Doritos Dip Lid which measures 85mm diameter, at 150mm apart in both directions on a 2.4x1.2m sheet which I will use for onions, beetroots etc.



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