Friday 31 May 2019

Potting Up Session

When you see roots have gone through the capillary matting bung and into the water section of the self watering propagators you know it's time to move the plants up into individual pots or vending machine drink cups, so that's what I've done 

6 x Marketmore Cucumbers (100% Germination)

4 x Burpless Cucumbers (67% Germination)

5 x Piccolo Di Parigi Gherkins (83% Germination)

5 x Long Stripped Marrows (83% Germination)

Vending machine cups have two holes melted in the bottom for drainage, with the trusty soldering iron and each cup is washed and stacked after use ready to be used again the following year. That's my way of reducing plastic by not throwing them away each year. 

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