Saturday, 11 May 2019

Facebook Allotment Groups

There are a lot, and I mean a lot of allotment and gardening groups out there, some come some go, a few are over controlled and rub up the membership and they die or the numbers drop and other form from the members who leave. 

This is by no means a complete list of all the groups available on Facebook, it's just the ones I tend to follow and visit from time to time as they are very active and the members generally play nice with each other. 

Members   Group Name 

50,481     Friendly Gardeners (and Allotment Holders UK)*
31,802     Allotment & Vegetable Growers 
29,315     Allotment Growers UK +
19,136     The Allotment Shed 
11.222     UK Here We Grow
  7,519     Allotment Social Club (ASC)
  4,934     Allotment Junkies 
  3,779     Allotment & Gardening Club - Mind Your Peas and Cues x
  1,451     The Allotment Community UK
      988     Allotment Holders Growing Together 
      318    Allotment Gardening 

* Do not allow bloggers to post links
+ Allow gardening related links
x Specific threads 

Membership Numbers as of the date of this post  

Some allow bloggers to post links to their articles and some don't which can be a real pain the the back side especially when you have written a comprehensive article that answers common questions from newbies that have just acquired an allotment, like "How do I go about clearing my new allotment plot?".  

For my sins I run a Tomato Seed Circle on the Allotment & Gardening Club - Mind Your peas and Cues as I have a lot of local friends and fellow plot holders who are members of this Facebook Group.  

Although a small group by comparison with Friendly Gardeners they have managed meet ups in Wales and Leeds and are looking at the possibility of doing one in the South of England in the future. 

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