Thursday, 30 May 2019

Alliance & Tyson Sweetcorn

On the 13th May I sowed 45 number Marshalls Alliance Sweetcorn into plastic flexi-pots surrounded by bubble wrap and sat them on the concrete paving of the Space Saver Greenhouse. 17 days later and here is the germination rate and growth so far.

Tray 1 = 14 out of 15 

Tray 2 = 13 out of 15 and Tray 3 = 13 out of 15 

So germination was 40 out of 45 = Germination Rate of 89%

Photo above from last year. As you can see I grow my sweetcorn in blocks at 3 rows of 6  or 18 plant per 2.4m x 1.2m bed which means I need 36 healthy plants so I have 4 spare which I can live with.

If and its a big IF I can get a couple more beds ready before the end of June then I will grow a bed of Marshalls Tyson F1, these again are New to Marshalls and boast extra thick cobs with 20 kernels surrounding every cob at maturity, compared with other varieties which can average only 16. 

If I'm not ready this year you can guess what variety I will be growing next year as the seeds are best before 2021. With 30 seeds per pack I will have enough for one beds worth not two and I know they will fit nicely in two mushroom trays and I only need a 60% Germination rate for one beds worth.

Planting Membrane Layout

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