Friday 6 March 2020

Raised Planter with Cover

I saw these in the lidl brochure on line PARKSIDE Raised Planter with Cover. Greenhouse effect thanks to its semi-transparent cover for sheltered growing. Adjustable vents for regulating temperature and humidity. Size 795mm long 394mm wide and 880mm high. The brochure said "Suitable for your balcony and patio" I was thinking and for inside my greenhouse to be used as a greenhouse within a greenhouse for early and late lettuce and radish and then for the additional heat for peppers.
I popped into lidl this afternoon on the way back from a site visit and the stacks of them had not even been opened. I bought one plus an Anvil and Bypass Secateurs as they were only £2.99 a pair and the quality was so good on the last pair I bought from there. 

I also bought two raspberry plants for £3 

My daughter Kelly saw The Raised Planter in the living room tonight and asked what I was and what I was going to do with it and then said I've been looking for something to get you would you like a second one for the greenhouse for your birthday next week? 

The answer was yes and I'm going to lidl tomorrow to hopefully get a second one.

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