Saturday 7 March 2020

Parsnip Germination Experiment

It had got to the stage where I could not resist anymore and I have to sow or play with seeds, the weather has held me back slightly from plan and now it begins. 

So kitchen towel folded and cut to fit into the bottom of a takeaway plastic tray watered so that the towel is saturated and then the excess water drained off. The fun part placing the Parsnip seeds in a grid on the towel, and then putting the lid on. I will check these daily and when I see the roots starting to form they will be put in a loo roll full of compost and then taken swiftly to the allotment and planted in the ground.  

The Johnsons have a sow by date of 2022 and were in an air tight bag in the pack 

The Thompson & Morgan White Gem have a so by date of September 2021 and were just loose in the pack. The common thinking is that Parsnip seeds are only good for a single year because the germination rates ater the first year drops so its going to be interesting to watch the speed of germination of these two differen varieties from different companies and with 350 & 300 seed respectivily I will have seeds for next year to see just how the germination rates are reduced. 

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