Tuesday 17 March 2020

Germination Is Happening

Seeing the first Parsnip leaves I need to get those parsnips in loo rolls down to the allotment and into the ground later today if at all possible or the roots will have already made it to the bottom of the loo roll.
The tomatoes have germinated a lot faster than I thought they were going too. Thinking ahead a little, I need to negotiate with my Little Triffid the storing of 77 small tomato plants in vending machine cups in the house until the weather warms up and they can go in the unheated Space saver greenhouse, or clear the brick shed and set up the external Grow Station. In fact that sounds a whole lot easier that negotiating with the wife.
Looking at that tray of tomato seedlings I need to make a plug extraction tool for that size module as I don't have one at the moment. Here is one that I made for a larger module tray.
The base is a timber bed slat and the dowels are wood glued in the holes
Extraction tool in place.

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