Saturday 28 March 2020

Composting at Home Under Lockdown

Here is the garden on the 21st July 2013

Here is the garden in 2013 after the storm in December 

Over the last couple of days I have been clearing up the back garden having a tidy and removing the broken fence that went along the retaining wall to the grassed area that was broken when the settee and the glass covered table decided they were kites and took the fence down during the storms in February.

#isolatedGardeners So I'm stuck in doors with not enough new compost to grow in containers in the back garden but I have cut the grass for the first time and have a sack load that would normally go down to an allotment Dalek and it got me thinking.....

I have salad bits in my compost caddy in the kitchen and shredded paper and tea bags and spent compost from plants from last year and lumpy bits from sieved compost from this year. No Dalek but I have the flower buckets I grow my 22 Tomatoes in. So I decided to mini compost in the Flower Buckets. Brown layer water, green later water, some soil/ spent compost that has the necessary bacteria in it to help things a long and I end up with a Flower Bucket Composting system 3 high.
  Add Grass and water
Add Shredded paper and water 
Add lumpy bits from sieved Multi Purpose Compost (MPC)
Add Tea from teabags  
And water... 
Repeat process until at the top of the bucket..... 

Add some leaf's and worm castings, water and start on the next flower bucket....
Stack of three flower buckets mini composting bins. I will use the fresh compost in the these flower buckets and add a little to the bottom of each bucket to add nutrients to the compost I grew in last year. The Space Saver Greenhouse gets up to 35 - 40C this week in the sun so the heat on the flower buckets will no doubt assist the composting process. I may have to add a little liquid gold as an activator, I will wait and see if it's needed. I had started to take the old compost down to the plot as soil conditioner for the new beds, I'm glad I had only emptied six flower buckets worth and still have 14 buckets of spent compost that I can freshen up and use whilst in lock down.

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