Sunday 8 March 2020

Bed and Three Paths.


. After - Photo taken from the shelter of the shed due to Hailstorm I tidied up the allotment and dug and weeded, couch grass and bind weed  removed bed frame installed and weed membrane and woodchip to three paths around it this Sunday morning. My daughter popped in to help for a couple of hours and my son in law laid a length of the main pathway from plot 1A to plot 1 from shed to shed. I didn't get the opportunity to photograph the path as I got caught in the shed by a most heavy and violent hailstorm, before being able to go home for lunch.
The broken paving slabs in the photo were used to hold down the weed membrane in place before the woodchip was installed over the top to do the job. I also managed to clear the back of the shed and install a number of hooks to hold the fork, spade and shovel as well as a number of hand tools, just before the hailstones stopped play.
UPDATE Photo of Andy's work on the path taken Monday 9th

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