Tuesday 24 March 2020

NHS Coronavirus Service:

As you guy know my wife is high risk and has just received this text message from the NHS. I got her to email me so I can copy and Paste here

NHS Coronavirus Service: Do you live with others? This advice will keep you safer from the virus:
- Sleep separately if you can
- Stay 3 steps away from others at home. Keep away from children
- Only essential carers should visit
- Wash your hands more often for 20 seconds and always before eating. Moisturise if your skin gets dry
- Eat separately, using your own cutlery, dishcloths and towels
- Clean and wipe down surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and door handles before use
- If you can, use separate bathrooms. If you share a bathroom, use it first and clean between uses

Now lets think about this - There is no additional bed in the house so that isn't going to happen on the positive side she is already on a ventilator at night and we place a pillow between us like the Berlin Wall as the exhaust from her mask is like sleeping in a bloody wind tunnel if we don't

Three steps away is difficult when you are being used as a human zimmer frame.

Eat Separately! Hang on I cook and dish up and we both now three of us will eat at the same time, now my daughter is in isolation with us as we are shielding the wife. 

The wife normally has her meals on a fold up table in front of her tip up chair, which we have been doing for some years as she has difficulty standing from the dining room chairs, so no change there then, except now if I do that with her I need not to sit next to her but at the other end of the settee next to her chair. 

I need to look for the baby cutlery set so we know which set is hers, but do I also I assume I have to wash that separately and dry it up on her own tea towel but by still using my hands

If we share a bathroom she has to use it first, bearing in mind I assist her washing how will that happen from 3 steps away and without me touching her!

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