Wednesday 11 March 2020

Mini, Micro & Mini Dwarf Tomatoes Sown

My original plan was to grow Mini & Micro Tomatoes for the greenhouses and look to have at least one of each of the 9 varieties listed blow in each greenhouse. So I was going to Sow 4 of each with the hope of 2 healthy specimens germinating. Scratch that, I've actually been given and have bought some additional mini and micro tomatoes so now I have 14 varieties.

The wife asked "Are you coming in to watch TV?"
Me "yes once I have sown a few tomato seeds"

An hour later 77 seeds sown and I was done! 

Original 9 that I was going to grow, the last time I though about it 

The Additional 5 varieties that I have obtained seeds for  

Summerlast F1   

Also growing this year Gigantomo F1 in at least one greenhouse if not two, so have sown three seed Rapunzel & Crimson Crush two seeds of each as that filled the tray up.

There will be a second sowing of tomatoes for the 22 square flower buckets that are grown as usual in the back garden. 

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