Saturday 14 March 2020

Runner Bean Frame Rebuild

Last night it was rain forecast for Sunday and Kelly is house sitting over the weekend so I decided to swop my Sunday visit for a Saturday morning visit as Kelly will be around in the morning to help her Mum get up and ready for the day and the forecast for Saturday was supposed to be dry all day.

I was awake at 5:30 and came down for breakfast to find it was raining outside, I looked at the weather forecast and it was now saying the rain was due to stop between 8am - 9am. 

I left as the rain stopped and was on the plot a little before 9am and although it was too wet to be digging the next bed, there are so many other jobs for me to do that I decided to get on with re fixing the cantilever beam frame to the wall lower than the original temporary install that failed last year.

So in the photo is the competed re-install only this year the bamboo follows the slope of the cantilever beam sloping section of the frame. There are two small metal angled each side at the top of the frame, and on a next visit I will fix one at the bottom of the frame, just for good measure, as I ran out of angle brackets today. 

The bamboo is cable tied to the frame and to each other and there is a brace in the two outer bays leaning against each other and the frame was nice and stiff and will resist wind loading and should not buckle this year as it did last. I will be able to spot and pick the runner beans as they hang down from the cantilevering sloping section of the frame. 

I rounded up the tools and put them back in the shed as it came over quite dark. I was in the process of fitting the new bright yellow day glow itip handles to the second Plot 1 wheelbarrow when the heavens opened up and I had to abandon the job and the plot and make my way home for lunch.

Original frame made to be cable tied to the existing brackets on the wall that were too high

Parts painted and stacked before being loaded into the car and assembled on site  . 

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