Monday 9 March 2020

Tree Finally Removed From Shed Roof

Friday I went to see the contractor regarding the tree that had been removed and the branches that had been left on my shed roof since the 6th February. Enough was enough, they kept saying that they were going to dealt within in 2-3 weeks and now it's been nearly six.

The site agent that said someone would be round to deal with the vegetation on Monday was not in today, surprise, surprise but I managed to bump into Mohamed who has been on the site for the last six years, yes you read that correctly it's taken six years to convert these premises behind from office and commercial to residential. He round up his boss Donavan who has not been keeping me informed and that I had a go at on Friday, and finally something was done. 

A number of bodies came and they dragged the tree off the roof and dragged it away flattening my bluebells in my comfrey patch beside the shed in the process. Bluebells are quite resilient so hopefully they will recover. 

The photo above is after I swept up a trug load of ivy, branches and leaves, and have covered the bare area of roof that is missing roofing felt. I really don't want to get between that wall and the shed until it has been demolished, and is in the process of being rebuilt.     

The true extent of the movement of both walls can now be clearly seen in this photograph. Again tonight no email from the sub contractor to the main contractor re the wall as I requested on Friday and again today. 

As I have the email for the sub contractors site agent, I have copied in Adam Brind and Bill Wyatt of the council so that they may give permission for the contractor to repair the wall as I feel they are going to try and get away without doing any remedial works as they said they were going too. 

The bed installed over the weekend has been covered with a black weed membrane sheet and in the bed to the left of it, square flower buckets of cuttings from the hawthorn are drying out under a secondary glazing panel, ready to be burnt when I finally get an opportunity before the end of March. 

Placing these buckets in the frame and covering has released a load of space in the shed and I can actually sit in there now and it's much neater in there than it was. Again there was a downpour of rain that made me come home around 4:45pm.

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