Monday 23 March 2020

Feeling Down Then Something Happy Happens

Confused about Social Distancing?

Not sure how big a gap to maintain between you and the next person?

Visualise a dead relation you love laying on the ground between you and the next person, and that's how far apart you should be. 

OK I have to say, I'm so torn at the moment as there is a part of me that wants to go to the allotment but I'm at risk and the wife has Lupus with immune and lung problems already. We should qualify as people that need to be shielded as discussed yesterday by Boris. 

I'm self employed and work from home already but need to visit people properties to do my job. From that point of view, I happy to not take on any work that involves site visits for 3 months, and in fact turned down a job this morning as it involved visiting a property in Sutton High Street.

#Istayhomefor Jennifer Wooldridge & myself as I'm type 2 Diabetic with high blood pressure  

I have two daughters one who works for the NHS and the other is in an essential services job and we are as far as possible exercising social distancing. Youngest daughter who lives at home still spent most of yesterday sanitising and scrubbing the house. It sound like by the end of the week she will be working from home once they have sorted out the IT 

I had planned to try and get in as many vegetables in the ground as possible that could look after themselves for 12 weeks down on the allotment so Roots mainly, but realistically I can see a total lock down within a week and that may mean that we can't visit the allotment anyway. 

My garden is so small I can only grow in a few containers so one has to ask the question is there really any point me getting seedling growing for the allotment anymore? I would love one of the 1m x 1m vegepods like the one above, out on the patio area and perhaps do some square foot gardening, but I can't really justify the cost at the moment. 

Looks like I will have to work out what I can grow in my Norfolk Space Saver Greenhouse instead. It's empty at the moment that's an old photo above when first erected and before the coldframe went in on the left and the tomatoes in buckets went in on the right of it. 

At the moment it's all about risk management and we are following the same curve as Italy and we can see their figures at +14 days as that's how far we are behind them, and seeing the stupidity of the general public yesterday at Brighton beach and Richmond Park etc. and all the mass gatherings at shops. The future does not look bright for the UK

So there I was feeling down in the dumps and a little depressed when something good happened I got a Messenger Message from David Domoney no less. 

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