Thursday 9 November 2017

Kikka Digga New Toy To Play With

I happened upon this piece of equipment when looking at the Grow Your Own magazine competition page for the December Issue.

Historically I purchased a Backsaver Spade and Free Fork which costs around £120 all but a penny, however the Kikka Digga is a simple yet clever attachment for all standard forks and spades, which also allows you to gain extra leverage and force whilst digging and it only costs a penny under £30 that's quarter of the price of the Backsaver Spade and Free Fork.

I got in contact with Kikka Digga via their web site and asked if I could have one to trial and review and Nick Skaliotis Founder and inventor of the Kikka Digga drop the latest version off to me to have a play with, and we had a nice chat about engineering and the design of the current model and how it has changed and got lighter as a result.

I'm now looking forward to playing with it on my existing plot and my new overgrown plot. I will also take the opportunity of getting the Backsaver out of mothballs and comparing the two products side by side.  

The Kikka Digga adds a levered foot-plate to your existing fork or spade to act as the fulcrum, whereas traditional digging makes your lower back take the strain.

By placing your foot on the Kikka Digga foot-plate, you simply pull back on the tool handle to lift the load without the need for bending. The marketing info suggests that you save time and your back with this product, I'm looking forward to finding out.

Here are the instructions from the Kikka Digga website


 All Images courtesy of Kikka Digga


  1. No longer available on Amazon however yoh can buy them from tbeir official website or eBay... looking forward to gettig mine arriving tomorrow

    1. They improved the design and made it lighter but Amazon didn't like it that the video and images were for the old version

  2. This looks a better idea than the Wolf Terrex back saver incarnation because the aforementioned has an inherent problem in that the shaft usually breaks no matter how careful one digs. I have just had this problem IE metal fatigue in the back saver shaft, and although it's not broken yet the shaft is on its way out. So instead of forking out for another back saver spade at 110 quid, I am going to try a kikka digga, 29 quid and by the looks of the design it will see me out. P, S I have gone through one wolf terrex and with one back saver about to give out, I say don't waste your money on a back saver spade, get one these.

    1. At the difference in price it would be silly not to try it out