Sunday 12 November 2017

Clearing Plot 1 - Day 3

An early Sunday morning start around 8:15 and today the target was to remove as much Hawthorn and Bramble from against the wall as possible.

Photo above end of play last Sunday (top) and this Sunday (bottom)

14th October 2017
12th November 2017

Two pallets around the tree with the foliage stacked for drying and covered with the skin of an old cold frame /cloche to keep it dry and ready for burning once I have the rest cut back.

View into the internal corner formed by the wall. I found a couple of rat runs had burrows into the mound of earth in the corner, and the ground collapsed as my foot dropped about a 300mm into the ground,  so I will have to be careful working my way into that corner of the plot as there could be a whole excavated complex in that area.

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