Wednesday 1 November 2017

In My Seed Box - Sprouts

In February 2017 I did a lot or research into Sprouts and bought varieties that I hoped would extend the harvesting period for sprouts. Marshalls also sent me a complementary pack of their Super Saver Duo Pack which contains a pack of Cromwell & Montgomery Brussel Sprouts Click Here to see on the Marshalls website.

Sprouts like puppies are not just for Christmas, but unlike a puppy they can be consumed all year round!

The contents of the Zippy Bag seed box for 2018 remain the same as 2017 as I only sowed 4 seeds from each pack (Full pack contents listed below) I should not need to renew Sprout seed stocks for the next couple of years although some are best before dates and some are sow by dates and the reality is that germination rates will decline but with the minimum seed content of 40 and this year having 36 even if I sow six to get two of each variety that's possibly four - six more years out of the current stocks in my seed box. Despite knowing this I still bought sprouts in the Wyevale 50p seed sale.

With Eveham Special, Bedford Darkmar 21 & Rubine being supplied in quantities of 400, 400 & 100 seeds respectively, I'm going to bag up 10 seeds from each and give them to a new plot holder to get him going.

Two years ago, I saw new plot holders going out and buying seeds at full retail prices and spending a fortune as they were not aware of the companies and places one can purchase equipment & seeds economically i.e Wilko, Lidl, ebay, Wyevale 50p and other end of season sales, to me that's part of the fun of having an allotment to try and do things is as frugal way as possible.    

Review Of Seed Stocks in Zippy Bags

Bedford Darkmar 21    - Just Seeds                
Cromwell F1                - Marshalls                     - Sow By 09/2018      
Evesham Special         - Premier Seeds Direct  - Sow By 11/2018    
Mongomery F1             - Marshalls                    - Sow By 09/2019    
Rubine Purple Sprout   - Mr Fothergills              - Sow By 2017    

Review Of Seed Stocks in Packets

Bedford                             - 125 Seeds - £2.29     - Thompson & Morgan - Sow By 12/2019
Brest F1                            -    40 Seeds - £3.45    -  Mr Fothergill's            - Sow By 2020 
Brodie                               -    35 Seeds - £3.69     - Thompson & Morgan - Sow By 12/2019
Brodie  F1                         -    40 Seeds - £3.45    -  Mr Fothergill's            - Sow By 2021   
Evesham Special              - 500 Seeds - £1.89     -  Mr Fothergill's            - Sow By 2018 
Evesham Special              - 500 Seeds - £1.89     -  Mr Fothergill's            - Sow By 2020 
Nelson                              -    40 Seeds - £3.45     -  Mr Fothergill's            - Sow By 2020 

Alphabetical Listing

                                                Sowing           Sowing        Harvest

                                                Indoors         Outdoors

Bedford                                                           Mar - April       Sep - Dec                                
Bedford Darkmar 21           Feb - Mid Mar      Mar - April    Mid-Nov to Jan

Brest F1                                 Feb - Apr          Mar - April       Nov - Feb              
Brodie  F1                              Feb - Apr          Mar - April       Nov - Jan  - T&M                  
Brodie  F1                              Feb - Apr          Mar - April       Nov - Feb - Thompson & Morgan
Cromwell F1                       Feb - Mid Mar       Mar - April      Sep - Dec                                
Evesham Special                   Feb - Mar          Mar - April      Sep - Dec - Mr Fothergill's  
Mongomery F1                   Feb - Mid Mar       Mar - April      Nov - Dec
Nelson                                    Feb - Apr          April - Jun       Aug - Nov
Rubine Purple Sprout             Feb - Apr          Mar - April      Nov - Jan 

So Harvest period from August - February that's potentially 7 months of fresh sprouts.

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