Sunday 19 November 2017

Clearing Plot 1 - Day 4

An early Sunday morning start around 8:15 as last week and today the target was still to remove as much Hawthorn and Bramble from against the wall as possible

Day 1
Day 4

Wally gave me a hand to expose what now appears to have been a foxes den, after I exposed more ground and found another entrance into a cavernous hole in the ground which was under the Hawthorn and Brambles  

Day 1
Day 4

There was lots of rotting wood in the corner which has been laid out on top of a pallet and covered with the cold frame skin to stop it getting saturated. Once dry it will get burnt along with the remainder of the Hawthorn from along the first wall once it has been removed

View into the internal corner formed by the wall, which I now know is a mound of weeds that the previous tenant used to pile there supposedly as a compost heap! with the holes from the Hawthorn that was dug out and relocated and the foxes den, plus the difference in levels between plots 1 and 1A I should be able to spread out the heap and level off the area when the shed and green house are going.

View from what will be the entrance to Plot 1 directly off the main path just inside the entrance to the allotment. The mound of cuttings from last week were added to and the whole lot burnt

So it looks like a couple more visits of cutting stacking drying and burning to go, then I can strim and cover the whole plot and start sorting out the shed and greenhouse area. Lets hope the weather holds and I manage to get those couple of days in before Christmas. 

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