Tuesday 21 November 2017

Trees Are In Their Buckets

So a dash to the allotment this afternoon and although the photo looks bright it was getting dark as I finished potting up the trees into the buckets.

The name of the tree is on one side of the rim and the type of fruit is on the other.

This is not their permanent home just somewhere for me to place them and give them a drink of water before I find a temporary home for them whist I continue clearing plot 1.

I have managed to empty out over half of a Dalek of compost filling these and the Auger I bought off ebay more than earned its money today as I had let the compost dry out a little too much.

Rockworth multi purpose drill attachments bought in 3 piece and can be used for tasks such as mixing paint and cement, weeding, cultivating and digging holes for the princely sum of  £7.95 free delivery from ebay

Auger 1 length 29cm diameter 10cm
Auger 2 length 29cm diameter 8cm
31cm extension bar

Ideal for mixing and breaking up compost in a Dalek with the battery drill not so good for drilling holes in clay.  

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