Saturday 4 May 2019

Verve Multipurpose Compost

As I took my good lady wife and family out for an evening carvery the other night the mobility scooter had been removed from the boot and the wheelchair put in the boot instead. 

So today I took out the wheelchair and took advantage whist the boot was empty to go to B&Q to pick up some Verve Compost.

Buying 3 x 50L sacks for £11 worked out cheaper than buying the difficult to lift 125L sacks as the 50L sacks were on offer. I have 22 tomato plants to go into flower buckets in the back garden and potatoes in flower buckets to go in down the allotment so 9 sacks worth later six went to the allotment and 3 went to the back garden. 

I get away with delivering stuff to the allotment, but the wife and kids get a little paranoid about me injuring myself again or getting a secondary infection if I get down on my knees to do anything at the moment. 

Then after dropping off the compost at the allotment there was the joy of reloading the boot up with the mobility scooter, so useful that it breaks down into 5 pieces that a relatively easy to lift. 

My daughter Emma and future son-in-law Andy have confirmed they are coming to give me help again tomorrow for three hours in the morning and I have two more potato Planting Membrane sheets and one Beetroot planting membrane sheet ready for use and I'm hoping to catch up a little more. 

Today I've made a load more Pop Bottle Self Watering Propagators and will be getting some seeds sown and into the space saver greenhouse, I already have four different types of micro and mini tomatoes in there that I have sown during the week.      

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