Thursday 29 March 2018

Agralan Compact Plug Plant Trainer

Having now sown my spring greens I have to say I'm really quite taken with the Agralan Compact Plug Plant Trainer, and this is a bit of kit that I've actually bought and have not been supplied free to review which is more the shame. It measures 225mm x 200mm and is 140mm high and is an ideal windowsill/ greenhouse size. As you can see It's half the length of a tray and narrower.

The sexy lid is functional as you can turn it upside down and push it into the compost and it forms a perfect depressions in the top of each of the he plug at an ideal depth to accept the seed. 

The lid can be turned 90 degrees to adjust ventilation. 

Step 4 states that the lid can be turned at 90 for + or - Ventilation above you can see the small gap between the lid and the middle plug section above 

Lift and turn the lid 90 degrees and lower and there is now no ventilation gap, which is how I have left the plug plant trainer overnight to keep the heat in and the warmth as the temperature in the external grow house drops to about 4.5 degrees C when its around 2 degrees C overnight.

Another design feature is that they are stackable with the cones in the lid locking into the base plug upstands. 

The Agralan has an Integral water reservoir at a base and when your plug plants are ready you just ease the legs on the sides out and into the slots, then push the middle section down into the bottom section and your plants will pop-up automatically. No squeezing! just nice plug plants with healthy roots.

The Agralan Compact Plug Plant Trainer can be re-used many times and it's dishwasher safe so although it's not cheap and it is plastic as everyone is rightly bashing plastics these days it is well made and is going to give many years of service, in fact it comes with a 12 year warranty.

What's the damage for this bit of kit you may well ask? Well the Agralan Web Site gives a MSRP of £16.99 but a quick Google search gives you this price range, It's interesting that Garden 4 Less is the most expensive!

I found the cheapest supplier on ebay for this bit of kit, they are now selling it at £14.98 with free postage. The google search above does not include P&P so sometimes suppliers look cheaper but actually aren't once you slam on the Post and Packaging costs. There are some sellers that offer a couple of quid off if you buy two.

I've just purchased another and I may be looking to buy another two or more for next year (if I last that long), so that I can max out the space in the Grow Stations. 

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