Sunday, 30 September 2018

Joists for Raised Beds

Time fly's so fast when your on the allotment and having fun. I still have crops to harvest and things to do like playing I mean testing the power planter, but the focus for today was giving the cut joists another coat of preservative and cutting as many long joist into bed lengths. Their are now two piles of 2.4m joist ready for painting, and a few 1.2m joist.

I've worked trough the outer pile of timber that was stacked next to the paving slabs and there are 4 more long joists to process. 

There are now a pile of joist that will do the 1.8m x 1.2m base for the greenhouse, the few 3 to 4 longer joist in this photo will be cut to 2.4m lengths and stacked during a future visit.

The pile of joist in front of the Hawthorne have reduced, there are a couple of joist that have stubs of other joist that were connected perpendicular to the main joist and its going to take some time to remove all the nails, screws and joist hangers from them before they can be processed and cut to length. 

The timber stacked on the left in front to the Daleks are odd sizes and may be used to form a bed on the perimeter of the plot for a row of Raspberries as a fence.  

Again I would not have got so much done if it was not for the Ryobi circular saw, I'm so glad I bought it 

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