Friday 14 September 2018

Power Planter Arrives

I would like to thank Brian Chapman for sending me three different versions of the Power Planter to test and review, it looks as if my daughter Kelly wants to have a play with them as well !

Looking at the PowerPlanter UK web site there appears to be four versions available here

There are other PowerPlanter web sites for USA, Australia and New Zealand The USA site which uses the dot com address redirects to the UK if you are in the UK   

Cordless Drill not included in price.

The three I have been sent to play with and review are from the UK Gardeners Range and are ticked above. 

Looking at the other country web sites there are many versions that have been tailored specifically for Landscape Professionals, Pest Controllers etc. The box for my 3" Diameter x 24" Length with 1/2"  Non-Slip Hex Drive also has a tick box for the contents for a 3/8" and a Heavy Duty Tip Version of the product 

Quick Start Video 

There is also a great Troubleshooting Video on the UK Web site which gives tips and tricks on using the product range.

NOTE: Please DON'T just stick it on your drill and start digging. You could risk hurting yourself and the tool.

After watching the Quick Start Video and the Trouble shooting video a couple of times I will be doing a review of the Power Planter Augers and making a video shortly, as I have some tasks coming up on the plot that these augers will be ideal for. 

If you want to see how I get on with the PowerPlanter and what happens next then Click Here for all posts relating to Power Planter

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