Monday 17 September 2018

Power Planter & Correct Drill Type

As you may imagine now I have the three Power Planters to test, I'm really keen to give them a go, but inside of each box is a Quick Start Guide which gives the following advice with the accompanying image 

1 Tighten the Chuck 
2 Set Slow Drill Speed 
3 Adjust Clutch to High Number - Screwdriver mode will protect you from Jarring if you hit an obstruction 
4 Best with Side Handle
5 Change to forward mode

I went looking at my tool collection as I know I had a couple of side handles but unfortunately the battery drill I currently have can not accommodate a side handle. 

Now this point is made in the getting started video and I know from personal experience when using a vastly inferior product that is basically a paint mixer but is sold as a soil / weed  auger / compost mixer that a lot of stress can be put on a wrist if using it one handed. 

So a little research later and as I have now invested in some Ryobi tools I decided that if I'm to review these power planters properly then I should have a good quality battery powered drill to use with them that has a side handle or as Ryobi call it an Auxiliary Handle

Looking at B&Q (£90) and HomeBase (£75) the price was £15 cheaper in Homebase and if I bought a spare battery taking the cost over £100 they apply and additional 10% discount at the tills, so I have ended up with a spare battery for what is likely to be a growing collection of Ryobi One + Tools.  

As Power Planter have been so kind as to supply their augers  to me to review, I'm more than happy to invest some cash into buying the right kind of drill so I can give a fair review of the product

I have three tasks that the power planter is going to be ideal for testing with 

1) I need to created a trench in the ground to bury my hose pipe to keep it safe from the grass cutter and strimmer on its way to the water tank. I had to use the Matlock to get across the path as the ground was so hard but I'm hoping to go along the path a lot faster with the Power Planter

2) I need to auger a hole or holes on the plot so that I can move the plastic owl on a handrail pole around to scare off the birds 

3) I need to plant a whole load of bulbs

Power Planter now has it's own label on the blog, so if you want to read about me testing it and using it Click Here for all Power Planter related posts. I'm hoping to get at least one of the tasks completed next Sunday if the weather holds. 

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