Monday 17 September 2018

Busy Sunday

A busy Sunday on the allotment harvesting and weeding, cutting up the roof joists that are going to be my raised beds on my new plot and then painting them. I cooked a nice lamb shank for lunch and then in the afternoon got into dealing with the carrots and beetroots which took me up to 9pm by which time I had been on my feet far too long and was knackered.

Carrots harvested from the first two rows of bed 8 in the background with the netting. Beetroots harvested from bed 9 and weeds removed. Weeds removed from bed 10 and I was quite disappointed how few beetroots had germinated or perhaps because of the rain had been eaten by slugs as I'm sure I saw more seedling there.

Bed 7 has more beetroots but also more weeds and these will be dealt with on my next visit to the plot.

The cucumbers just keep coming! shame some of the carrots appear to have hit something or perhaps a hard pan and bent sideways but most are not to be sniffed at. 50% were frozen later in the day and the others will be consumed fresh.

The Joists that were cut to bed size and painted last week received another coat of preservative and were the first job of the day and then I finally got to use my new Ryobi Saw and cut another six boards 3 x 2.5 and 3 x 1.2m 

It cut through the 215x50mm joists like they were butter and I wished I had started earlier on the timber joist, but now I own a Ryobi battery powered saw there is no manic rush to get everything cut up at once. 

Would I recommend the Ryobi Saw? Yes I would that's why I bought one after trying my brother- in-laws  

The newly cut 2.5m boards have been stacked next to plot 1A and the saw horses ready for painting. 

The 1.2m cut joists were placed on the bread tray saw horse and I managed to get the cut ends and one side painted just before going home to cook Sunday Dinner. 

In the afternoon and evening I washed and froze half of the carrots and cooked off the beetroots, skinned then diced and picked 10 jars worth, having saved the Doritos dip jars has been a blessing as this year there was no confusion of what cap went with what jar. 

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