Saturday 8 September 2018

Wilko Seed Sale

I started the day by taking my wife and daughter to the top of the high street and visiting Wilko to see what I could find in their end of season garden sale. I love the Wyevale 50p seed sale but if you hit the Wilko one at the right time there are bargains to be had.

The good thing is they are still on the racks and not on tables like Wyevale and you can easily see what is available and what you may like to add to your collection. 

So £20.50 worth of seed for £2.30 you can't moan about that. (no matter how many seed you have in your collection already) Comment is for the wife just incase she reads this post ;0)

The sow by dates are mainly 2021 a few at 2022 and only one pack at 2020 so that three to four years of viability before the germination rates decline and realistically if looked after most will last five to six years. 

After building up huge quantities of some seeds I have gone more lightly this year, with the exception of the Minibel tomatoes as I though there would be very few seeds in a pack and didn't check at 10p a pack but as it happens there are 35 seeds in a pack.  The six pack for 10p is exceptional value for money.  

I also bought some other gardening related items some that were reduced like sturdy gardening gloves at 50p a pair, and some other items that were not reduced, but the prices were good anyway, like the six packs of 10 Tulip bulbs at £2 each that I intend to grow for my good lady wife to have as cut flowers when I come home from the allotment. Question: What Sales do you like and what bargains have you had in the sales?


  1. I'm curious as to when this seed sale in Wilkinson's took place. Do you remember when? I've been today because I thought it was already on, giving that most stock of seeds has been pulled from online but to no avail. All seeds have disappeared from the store's shelves though. Maybe I'm too late?

  2. That was the post last year, this year it happened a couple of weeks ago. The 50p Wyevale is due at the next bank holiday weekend

    1. Ah okay, thank you for the information :)