Sunday 3 June 2018

Update Plot 1 & 1A

I love this time of year when the rain finally stops and the sun is in the sky at 5 in the morning and I can get up, have breakfast and get over to the Allotment early Sunday morning to get on with things that need doing.

I cut the grass in the back garden yesterday afternoon and ended up with three black sacks of grass and I had a food bucket with lid of shredded paper. 

Also on the wheelbarrow was my flask of coffee, bottle of cold fizzy water and two battery strimmers as I just knew that with the rain and hot weather we have had over the last week that the weeds would have shot up another 100 - 150mm I was not wrong!

In the spirit of trying to do a monthly video update very few still photographs, but here is a video of the state of play when I arrived and left the plot today. 

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