Friday 17 January 2020

Storm Brendan - The Aftermath.

Because I'm our allotment site rep I received an email from our allotment management company idverde that a greenhouse ended up in the back gardens that are behind our allotment, but the person who found it had captured it and took it apart and saved it. The taking apart made me think it has to be a Blow Away Greenhouse/ Polytunnel and turned out I was right. There is a reason they are referred too as Blow aways by allotment holders.  

So last night I went down in the dark after work in the rain to look to see who's tunnel/ greenhouse was missing. I managed to put the plot holder in contact with the person who captured it and stopped it causing any more trouble so that man and Greenhouse can be reunited today. 

A visit on Saturday to recover items and tidy will be in order methinks as I could see missing items on my plot but it was too dark and wet to go hunting last night. 

Anyone else have problems with Storm Brendan?

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