Wednesday 1 January 2020

Seed Megastore

New years eve I saw an advert on Facebook for Seed Megastore and thought it worth having a look at as I had not heard of them before. Looking at the About Us page I discovered that Seed Megastore is a family run business based in the West Midlands and that they state they provide the finest quality vegetable seeds, flower seeds, Herb Seeds, and garden sundries to growers and gardeners throughout the UK and Europe.

What you don't find out until you come to pay is that they will accept PayPal which ticks my box straight away. There is a banner on the home page stating FREE Delivery, that thicks another of my boxes but also they have seeds starting from 55p a pack and at the moment have a number of packs of seeds on Sale at 59p a pack.

Now having done my audit of my Seed Boxes I know that I don't currently have Gherkin and that I want to grow some to pickle for my sister and at 59p for a pack of 25 seeds it would be rude not to purchase and see how good their seeds actually are. 

I felt a little guilty buying just one pack of seeds as they have no minimum order size, as even 2nd class letter postage these days was going to be 61p so I took a look at my audit and what else they had to offer and ended up with these 

So total order value £4.96 for four items, and I have no guilt re the free postage and packaging.

Checking out Thompson and Morgan for Sweet and Neat Cherrie Kisses and they are selling packs at £2.99 each that's a saving of £1.30 in one item so that makes me happy and feel like I've got a good deal Even Nicky's Nursery sell them at £1.75 and they charge for shipping.

Seed Megastore are now listed on my left panel for Seed Suppliers, and I will be visiting when I need topping up with seeds, especially as there is no minimum order value.

They also offer discount on orders over £10 and above please look at discount page for discount rules.

Their web site is worth surfing whilst we are still in the Winter Months and check out their FAQ Page for any questions you may have about them and their service.

The seed is supplied in hermetically sealed foil packets. The product label details the product, quantity and any seed treatments. For sowing instructions please see the relevant Technical Information on product page on their website

When my seed arrive I will take a photo and place it below so you can see how they send the order above.

Update Seeds Arrived today Monday 6th January in a padded envelope

Nice foil looking ziplok type bags with information about what's in the pack with a packed pate. All seeds meet EC Rules and standards for quality and packaging. Some supplier's do put a sow by date on their labels but a lot of seeds are still of very good quality long after that date and a lot of people will just throw a lot of good quality seed away. With Seed Megastores zip lock foil packets one can reseal the packet and use the seed when required.


  1. First time I’ve used Seed Megastore and I’m really impressed by the quality and price of their seeds , the seeds come in resealable packets you order how many seeds to suit your requirements and the price is so good that I highly recommend and will use them in the future , plus it’s a family run business which I wholly support. Well pleased with the service and seeds purchased .
    Peter Merritt

    1. I'm extremely pleased with them and will always look there first when I need to restock my seed box.