Thursday, 2 January 2020

Zippy Bag & Plant Label Time

I'm an early riser as my body clock still wakes me up just before 6:00 in the morning despite caring for my wife and working from home for the last five years. It's down for breakfast and then into something to do with the allotment, until I have to help the wife out of bed and get ready for the day. 

I managed to get the three Seed Boxes audited and the catalogues for each variety of vegetable In my Seed Box(es) completed by the end of 2019

If I can't work on the allotment, I will work for the allotment and so it is on the second day of 2020 and I'm assuming during the rest of January, that I will be making seed labels for the small zippy bags that I use for what remains of the seed packs after opening. 

The small zippy bags fit nicely into to Business Card plastic boxes

Which in turn fit nicely into the Plastic Tool Boxes I use for open packs

Unopened Packs 

And those in between

Next job is to break out the Brother p-Touch and start making the seed labels that will be needed when sowing and then moving onto larger pots before planting out. 

This collection of labels has taken six years to produce and each year when I try a new variety more are made. There is plenty of room for growth of the collection and it saves time once seed sowing really gets going.

I can't really see a time when I will not want to trial a new vegetable variety despite gradually establishing my favorites along the allotment plot holders journey through what remains of my life.  

How Do You Store Your Seeds?    

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