Sunday 12 January 2020

Davros and the Genesis of the Composting Area

Today I definitely felt like the Davros from Dr Who, it was all about getting the path in front of the outer narrow bed and clearing the margin along the Plot 1 - Plot 2 paths and installing four Daleks onto a weed membrane area between where the beds will be going and the kerb stones, all with the aid of my companion Emma Wooldridge who worked like a little beaver.   

There was a little mishap with the square Dalek that resulted in the snapping off of the lid hinges but with a small concrete paving slab as a weight on the lid it's still going to be a great Dalek for producing compost during 2020

The area inside the red lines is the progress we made today 

And Beautiful the Robin was around all morning feeding on exposed slug and snail eggs and insects.

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