Thursday 28 June 2018

Fixing the Shed

Can you guess which section of boarding has been replaced ? 

I used one of the bed slats as a stiffening plate and screwed it to the two timbers of the framework where they abut behind the top of the new cladding board. That's now nice and stiff and will not buckle at that point again.

When I can finally get into the shed property I will screw the top shelf down and that should stiffen up everything even more.  

I really do need to trim up the ivy that has grown over the shed at some time and I'm thinking the old girl could do with a lick of paint as she is looking somewhat weathered.

The diving board at the top of the post that the comfrey pipe is fixed too is actually a platform for one of the plastic owls that I bought to keep the birds off the crops, I may have to re think the bird house on the wall and move it else where.

The pop bottle weight filled with sand has disappeared into the pipe over the last 24 hours as the comfrey has been compressed by the weight and gravity, so next visit I will harvest more comfrey and top the pipe up again. 

The water that I put in to prime had filtered through and gone into the milk bottle and had a greenish tinge, not strictly what I'm after out of the pipe but waste not what not, it went on the Raspberries  

It was a fleeting visit with just enough time to water the beetroot and carrot seeds. At the moment the weather forecast is predicting two hours of rain on Friday the 6th July other than that it's Sunny and 26C daily until the 11th July which is as far as the forecast goes. 

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