Friday, 22 June 2018

Early Morning Visit

An early morning visit to water the plants as it's been very sunny for the last couple of days. The way the sum comes up and goes down relative to the orientation of the plot and the surrounding building and trees, Plot 1A is in shade first thing in the morning which is ideal for watering.

I weeded the beetroots and have sown more seeds where there has been no germination. 

I showed the cucumbers the way up the netting, note to self take more plant clips with you next visit to the plot, the rate they are growing they are going to need it.

The sprout bed was cleared of weeds with the stirrup hoe  

No more destruction of the cabbages, so it looks like the environmentally friendly slug pellets appear to be working.

The onion bed is looking a little weedy, so that and the carrot beds are to be the focus of the next weeding session. 

I have used a soldering iron to make a grid of drainage holes in a short flower bucket and have put that in a deeper flower bucket and placed the weeds in short flower bucket to drown and for them to give up their nutrients to the water, basically making some weed feed for the plants and to be added to the comfrey water butt.

The foliage on the spuds in potato pots is dying off, so they will be harvested shortly, followed by the spuds in flower buckets. 

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