Thursday 21 June 2018

Rubbish Clearance & Shed

A visit to Spencer Road Allotment to collect a few more items from the plot and take them to Mill Green  Allotment and to pick up a load of bags of rubbish that have been in the shed to keep them dry. I had a chat with Anthea on Spencer Road who had just sown Comfrey seeds which after our chat about how invasive it is if grown from seed, she went and dug up, and she is going to help herself to some of the Bocking 14 comfrey I have at Spencer Road and take some root cuttings. 

I've taken as many Daleks as I need from Spencer Road the others are full of year old manure, and compost I have made but there is way too much to bag up and take to the new plot at Mill Green, I will just have to make more at Mill Green.

Not being able to find a man with a van or open truck to assist in the taking apart moving and dropping off the two year old Tiger Pent shed to my new plot, I have decided to offer it for sale at less than half price or near offer to plot holders on Spencer Road and put that towards a new one for the new plot.  

I ended up watering Mill Green as we have not any significant rain for the last few weeks. 

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