Thursday, 28 June 2018

Filling The Comfrey Pipe

A swift visit this morning to water, then I put a heavy duty cable tie around the pipe fixing it to the timber post and then cut up comfrey to filled the pipe so that the weight was about half way out of the top of the pipe. 

Half a bottle of water was emptied into the top of the pipe at each filling from the flower bucket to moisten the comfrey, and it took three full flower buckets of comfrey to fill the short pipe. With each bucket of comfrey I re wetted the comfrey with the water that has passed through.

Next visit I will empty the wetting water into the Comfrey water butt and wait for the pure comfrey liquid to start flowing and filling the milk bottle.  

I'm thinking that, shorter pipes are a lot easier to fill and I may invest in a couple more shorter pipes along the wall to increase comfrey production as I have a larger plot now, and will hopefully have more to feed next year.

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