Saturday 30 June 2018

Daleks, Water Butts & Comfrey Pipes!

Friday - Picked up a sack of grass from my sister and took to the allotment to feed with a combination of shredded paper and coffee grounds once again filling up Dalek 2 and bringing Dalek 3 up to 50% capacity.  

Saturday - Early morning visit to water the seedlings and plants whilst they are in the shade. there was around 10mm of much darker Comfrey water in the milk bottle, I filled another large flower bucket of Comfrey cuttings and then fed them to the new short comfrey pipe such that most of the weight is now sticking out of the pipe again. 

The water/comfrey in the milk bottle was tipped on top of the new comfrey to wet it down and to pass through the pipe again, so hopefully within the next week with the sun warming the compressed contents of the pipe up I will be harvesting pure comfrey juice from this pipe. 

Picked some Radish for lunch, no slug attack this year ! I must be doing something right.

I took the opportunity of filling the two water buts on the green house up to within 300mm of the top so that when the water ban comes I have some in the butts ready to use which means less walking with the watering cans to the standpipe and dip tank. 

I cant actually see the big blue water butt next to the shed as its covered in ivy so a job for one of the next visits is to uncover and fill that baby up as well as it looks like we have 14 days of dry hot sunny weather to come. 


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